10+ Cats Who Are Struggling To Figure Out This World

1. Ain’t I suppose to eat from a bowl?

2. Why they so excited?

3. “Jump into water they said.”


4. “But first, let me take a selfie.”


5. “Who drank the water from my pool?”

6. “Why there’s no fish in the jar?”


7. There’s nothing, but still scared the hell out of her.


8. “Is it cold there mate?”


9. “I am not good at taking off those.”


10. “Go away, go away!”


11. Theres always a better way to eat your food.

12. “Stop tickling me!!!”


13. Because treadmills are so old school.


14. She wanna get rid of that bell anyhow.


15. “Yuckkkhh, that stinks!!!”


16. “I just love yoga.”