10+ Cats Who Have Taken Over The Very Best Places In Their Homes!

Cats  are very independent and smart little creatures. They know exactly how to get close to you and completely occupy you, as well as your home in just a few steps. They seem to do whatever it is they want and hang out – wherever! In addition, our cats don’t seem to care much what we think or feel about it. And then, of course, if want want a cat to do something for us – all bets are off!

Cats believe they are the kings and queens of our world. If you still aren’t convinced, just take a look at some cat pics below. The cats you will see in the images act like nothing short of the boss of you of all they servery!

1. “Watching a friend’s cat. There’s a thunderstorm outside. I’ve been like this for an hour.”

2. “The unwritten rule is that you don’t move when your pet is on you.”

3. “This is Ann. Ann likes to wait and watch the bubbles in the humidifier.”

4. Well, why not?

5. “Ellie is using my foot as a hammock.”

6. “Every time we order pizza…”

7. It appears he has found a brand new bed for himself.

8. Can I have a little privacy please?

9. “He wouldn’t stop meowing until I let him climb up my body to be my scarf.”

10. “Took my cat to the vet.”

11. “My wife visited a stable. She said that all the stable cats were hanging out on some of the heat sources like radiators, but this cat took it one step further it seems.”

12. “There’s a loaf in my fridge! He climbs in every time I start to cook, and I let him hang out there because it’s hot and he’s always wearing that thick furry coat.”

13. My cat sits here every day waiting to be pet by the people taking the bus. They call him the “bus stop cat.”

14. Charlie has his own personalized chair that no one is allowed to sit on.