Abandoned Kittens Rescued and Embark on Incredible Outdoor Adventures!

The Fateful Rescue

Danielle Gumbley and Kayleen VanderRee stumbled upon two four-week-old kittens hiding in bushes behind a garbage bin at a park. Realizing the kittens were abandoned and in need of assistance, the duo decided to adopt them.

2 cats on boat

Meet Bolt and Keel: Adventure Cats

These charming feline siblings, Bolt and Keel, hail from Vancouver Island, Canada, and have captivated the internet with stunning photos of their outdoor escapades.

Setting Off on Their First Adventure

Only a day after being rescued, the kittens embarked on their inaugural hike. Their new owners drove to a campsite and kayaked with them on the water. Surprisingly, both cats relished the experience! Bolt, the fluffier sibling, prefers being carried on hikes, snuggled, and venturing out on the water. Conversely, Keel enjoys exploring hikes independently and isn’t as fond of cuddling as his brother.

adventure cats

Discover Bolt and Keel’s Breathtaking Adventures

Immerse yourself in the incredible journeys of these two adventurous cats by watching the video below: