Cool Deaf Cat Explores the Sights of London by Bicycle

London is the center of the world for many reasons, including cats riding on bikes. The UK capital has seen legendary cats on its streets, but none as great as Sigrid. It’s a beautiful furry deaf cat of the Norwegian Forest variety that has been exploring the sights of London on a bicycle courtesy of her owner Travis Nelson.

Travis didn’t want to leave Sigrid home when he went on bike rides, so he just popped her in the box and took her on the travels. He said it felt natural and she didn’t mind. The deaf cat enjoys the sights of the capital and always gets excited when he messes with the bike.

Sigrid has been travelling all over London for the past year and a half. She’s seen the spires of Cambridge, Big Ben, and many other attractions. To be honest, she’s seen more of London than other cats, and possibly more parts than other people have seen.

Travis trained the cat to walk on a leash since she was a tiny kitten. She can go outside safely on her own, and Travis uses the harness for her walks to strap her to the bike. He controls it with his pedals to avoid harsh braking. He wants the cat to have fun, and even though the cat basket breaks the bike’s aerodynamic properties, he doesn’t mind at all.

Sigrid is greeted by passers-by and loves watching birds fly. Nelson has been documenting their travels on Instagram, and has the kitty to thank for 200,000 fans. Sigrid’s latest trip was in Regent Park with Ukrainian cyclist Khromazone, and their video helped raise money for refugees fleeing Ukraine.

We hope the pics and videos continue and cross our fingers that Sigrid leaves UK borders for new adventures – that’ll be a sight to see.