Elderly Woman Reunited with Her Missing Cat After Four Devastating Years

We always love seeing happy ends to stories. It’s even better when they’re of reunited owners and animals. That’s the story we have for you today. An elderly lady was recently reunited with her cat after four devastating years.

After a powerful earthquake in Italy, the woman, Dota, lost everything. She lost her home and everything she owned, and to make things worse, she lost her cat too. In all the chaos, the cat left the home and couldn’t find its way back. It wandered far off and went missing. Dota feared the worst, yet never stopped looking for the cat.

Surprisingly, after 4 years, one day the cat just suddenly came back home. Dota was stunned to find the cat, but had no doubts it is her. They shared an emotional moment cuddling and the pics went viral online.

We’re glad they’re reunited and hope that no other disaster every separates them again.