Little Kid Grabs Newborn Kitten, But Watch The Mama Cat!

We here at The Best Cat Page think it’s a wonderful thing to teach children to love and respect animals, but we also believe there is a right way to do that – and also several wrong ways!

The video, which was posted to YouTube, clearly shows the toddler holding the crying kitten in her arms as the nervous mother cat jumps up to check on her wee one. After only a few minutes, the mother answers her baby’s cries, and takes the kitten out of the girl’s hands and back into their cozy bed. As her father goes on to comfort her, the little girl screams while her new buddy is whisked away. The clip has been racking up hits and criticism like crazy, with many wondering why a girl that small was holding a kitten in the first place.

“The only responsible one in this video is the momma cat! Don’t give a helpless animal to a kid,” commented one viewer.

Another reader writes, “This isn’t cute. Do you have any idea how stressful this is for Mother cat? The child is also way to young to be handling animals. Not cute and the parents are stupid.”

Watch the video just below and decide for yourself.

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Thank you, cat lovers!!!