Man Is Surprised When His Dead Cat Returns Home Alive Hours After Funeral

A few years ago, a man named Nathan adopted Loki the black cat and things were great. They became best buddies in just a short time and really loved spending time together. However, while walking back home from work one day, Nathan was sad to see Loki’s lifeless body on the side of a road. It seemed that Loki was hit by a car and was sadly dead. Nathan took the cat’s lifeless body and buried it in his backyard.

Now, imagine his surprise when the cat walked in back home the next morning. Nathan was still grieving and was deeply emotional, and he couldn’t hold in tears of joy when he saw his buddy. Loki, apparently, was still alive and well! Nathan quickly realized that he buried a random cat in his back yard. He posted about it online to let the eventual owners of the cat know what happened to it.

But, after this stressful experience, Nathan is much warier about letting Loki outside.