Puppy Cuddles with Kitten in a Heartwarming Moment that Moved Us All

The lovely beagle that you can see on the picture below is called Bo. He’s 5 months old and lives happily with his mom, Lisa Olsen-Plummer. He also has a feline sibling in 10-month Jasper. They live in perfect harmony now, but things weren’t like that when they met for the first time. Jasper and Bo simply didn’t care for each other in the beginning, and it took a while before they did.

Their mom didn’t even expect them to become best buddies for life. Bo was very timid when he met Jasper and usually spent the day hidden in a corner. Jasper obviously didn’t like the new family addition. He stayed back and watched Bo from a distance, running away whenever the cute beagle came close. It was like that until one day Bo snuck up to the cat and hugged him like a human. The 5-month old Beagle literally put a hand around Jasper, and from that moment on, they’ve been inseparable.

They now spend their days together. From time to time, they’ll fight a bit like kids, but it’s all friendly. The adorable moment when the two became friends was luckily caught on video. Their mom shared it online and it didn’t take long for it to go viral.

If you want to warm your heart up right away, check it below: