The Ultimate Eye Test – Can You Spot the Camouflaged Cat in This Picture?

We love those cat pics that make it hard to spot the actual cat. There have been many shared online, but the one we have for you today is dubbed the ultimate test. It’s a photo of a restaurant with a cat hidden somewhere most people have had trouble finding. Can you spot it right away?

The viral pic was taken in a restaurant in Mazatlan, Mexico. The cat in question belongs to the owner’s neighbor and is named Piccollo. She spends a lot of time there and no one minds it, but it’s kind of hard to be spotted – she perfectly blends with the interior.

One Twitter user recently went to eat in the restaurant and spotted Piccollo in an unusual place. She took a pic of him and posted it on her Twitter account, amassing over 22,000 likes. Most of those came because no one could find the cat, so the pic went viral.

There were more Twitter users that failed to spot the cat than those who found it. It instantly turned viral in the form of a Where’s Waldo? game, with many circling the cat for others to see it.

Did you find it on the first try? We won’t lie – we needed a bit of help. Spot-on camouflage, kitty!