Woman Caught Breastfeeding Her Cat on a Delta Airlines Flight

The Internet is full of crazy stories and many of these include cats. This story is probably the craziest thing you’ll read online today. A few days ago, a woman on a Delta flight flying to Atlanta caused quite a stir after she was caught breastfeeding her hairless cat. Yep, you read that right – the woman was breastfeeding her cat on the flight like it was a newborn baby.

Imagine the Stewards’ Shock

The unidentified woman was flying from Syracuse to Atlanta. While the stewards were walking the aisles, they spotted her breastfeeding what they thought was a baby. Upon closer inspection, a steward noticed it’s a hairless cat and repeatedly asked the woman to stop as it’s against the rules. Surprisingly, she refused and didn’t made a fuss of it.

The stewards immediately sent a message through ACARS to the Atlanta crew so they know what to expect. A photo of the message sent through the system was posted on Reddit and went viral as expected:

The incident occurred on November 13 and was reported by flight attendant Ainsley Elizabeth. Other passengers say that the woman had a hairless cat swatted in a blanket. It looked like a baby until she started breastfeeding her to the shock of everyone around her.

Security had to intervene in the end, although no one’s sure what happened after the flight landed. The Delta flight crew requested that the woman was apprehended, but no one knows if it happened. She may have eluded the authorities in Atlanta.

Regarding breastfeeding, Delta supports its passengers’ right to breastfeed on board Delta flights. Breast pumps are also allowed, but breastfeeding animals isn’t part of the rule book.