10 Best Cat Cartoon of All Time

Scott Metzger has been mastering the art of drawing adorable cartoons since twenty years. We have just found the best ones among his creation and everyone must have a look at them.


You have to choose carefully. After all, you don’t want your hooman to throw you out of the home.

The feline creatures are always obsessed with looking the best.

No matter how much time you spend with the cats, you will never be able to understand them well.

Cats know the right place for everything.

And by knocking down, that’s what they actually mean.

The fur balls will always understand your motives and if you get it wrong, they will set it right.

The felines will give you ideas that will always work.

They know the true meaning of setting everything in place.

Now you can know what your cats have been thinking about you all this while.

There may be times when you will end up in trouble. The cats will ensure that there is no escape to it.