Compassionate Rescuers Hurry to Aid Cat and Her Six Kittens, Amazed to Discover All Are Polydactyl

A Remarkable Rescue: Polydactyl Cat Family’s Journey to Safety

Unexpected Discovery: A Unique Polydactyl Family

The St. Francis Society Animal Rescue recently embarked on a heartwarming mission, involving the rescue of a cat and her six kittens, revealing a surprising twist: they were all polydactyl. Andrea Christian, a dedicated volunteer, responded to a distress call about kittens in need. The kittens, just three weeks old, were part of a family facing challenging times and unable to care for them.

Andrea prepared for the new arrivals while her colleague, Sam, quickly went to retrieve them. “The babies were tiny, and their mother was incredibly sweet,” Andrea recounts to Love Meow. The real surprise unfolded when they noticed that each kitten, along with their mother, possessed extra digits on their paws, a rare genetic trait.

PolyAnna and Her Special Litter

The cat family, including an older kitten from a previous litter, was surrendered to the rescue. PolyAnna, the mother, was a nurturing and protective presence from the outset. She carefully selected a cozy, blanket-lined box as a safe haven for her young.

PolyAnna’s days were filled with caring for her kittens – feeding, grooming, and keeping them clean. An amusing moment occurred when the kittens attempted to eat solid food for the first time, imitating their mother in an endearing, clumsy manner.

Each kitten, uniquely named (Dolly Purrton, Dwayne ‘the Rock’, Hairy Styles, Leo DeCatrio, Ed/Eddy Sheeran, and Charlie Purrth), boasted the distinctive mittened appearance of polydactyl cats. While one maintained a normal toe count, others flaunted up to seven toes per paw.

Growing Up Playful and Loved

As the kittens grew, they became more energetic, exploring their surroundings with enthusiasm. The Rock, particularly attached to PolyAnna, was known for his playful antics to gain his mother’s attention. At five weeks, the kittens will begin weaning, a process PolyAnna handles with patience and tenderness.

In their foster care, the polydactyl family continues to thrive. Upon reaching suitable age, they will be available for adoption in Tampa, FL, where they’ll be spayed and neutered before finding their forever homes. As for PolyAnna, once her nurturing duties are complete, she looks forward to a life filled with love and pampering in a forever home.

This remarkable story of the polydactyl cat family not only highlights the importance of animal rescue and care but also showcases the unique and endearing qualities of these special felines. Their journey from a precarious situation to a loving, safe environment is a testament to the dedication of animal rescues and the enduring charm of these extraordinary animals.