Momma Cat Stays with Her Six Kittens in a Car Yard Until Help Arrives

Moms are ready to do anything for their children, especially when they need help. Today’s story has proved that once again, after a cat mom stayed with her litter of six in an abandoned car yard waiting for help to arrive.

The mom and kittens were spotted by some people who got in touch with the Best Friends Felines animal rescue center in Brisbane, Australia. They were found in an industrial bin. The momma cat was in obvious need of cat, looking pretty emaciated. She was starving and had no food for who knows how long, and those kittens needed their food too.

When the staff arrived, it didn’t take long to save the kittens and mom. She willingly let them take her after a bit of food and water. Plus, the mom, now called Aurora, was pretty exhausted. After a quick vet check-up, she was treated to a big meal which she happily gobbled. She then got some well-needed rest while the kittens were taken care of.

Back On Her Feet

It took no more than a few days for Aurora to get back on her feet. She started walking around and purring while never forgoing her duties. She did great with the foster staff and was happy to have a roof over her head. The kittens have already opened their eyes and doing great progress. They love exploring the environment or playing with each other.

Aurora greets all humans she meets and walks with her tail high. It’s the life she deserves after surviving tough ordeals, and we hope they all get picked up by a loving family soon.