Frozen Momma Cat Finds Help Right on Time

If we could, we’d save all the stray cats from the streets. It’s literally amazing what strays can survive. They manage to survive the harshest summers and winters, but not all of them are lucky.

This winter, a couple driving home to Indiana spotted a big chunk of ice on the wayside that looked pretty abnormal. They kind of noticed it moving, but weren’t sure. After stopping for closer inspection, the couple was shocked to find a pregnant momma cat clinging to her last breath under the snow and ice.

Good Samaritans to the Rescue

They knew what they had to do immediately. They took her in their cat and warmed her up while driving straight to the vet. The cat was obviously in bad shape, but she still managed to purr in appreciation. They then contacted Catsnip Etc., a volunteer shelter from Indiana for help.

The shelter obliged. They took the cat in and inspected her on their own. She had bloody nails and some abrasions, so she might have been in a fight before everything happened. The tortie was named Camilla and she was happy to finally be safe.

Camilla got her belly full and drank water right away before taking a good night of sleep. A couple of days later, she brought 4 beautiful healthy kittens to the world. She got help at just the right time. If it wasn’t for the couple, she and her unborn kittens would have frozen on the wayside.

She was a bit protective of her babies the first day, but as time moved on, she allowed the staff to check on them. Camilla needed assistance to feed the 4 kittens, and the rescue center helped.

We couldn’t be happier by this timely rescue and we’re glad the momma and kittens are doing OK.