On Her Way To Rescue One Kitten, She Actually Finds Another Desperate For Help

Kelley Lawrence Peters was just on her way to do one good deed when a new opportunity to do another was right in front of her.

Kelley is the founder of The Kitty Krusade, which is also known as Justin, Fire Survivor, so she has already dedicated her life to saving felines in distress.

Kelley was driving along to a shelter to take in a kitten who was injured and would likely be put down. While she was driving down the highway, she spotted what looked like another cat laying motionless on the shoulder.

She explained to Love Meow, “I did a double take… pulled over immediately. Sure enough it’s a 6-8 week old kitten eyes shut from [an Upper Respiratory Infection] and motionless”.

She called out to her and the wee one managed to lift her head to show there was some fight still left in her.

Kelley immediately scooped her up and take her with her. In the car she decided to name her, Dave, because at the time she thought she was a boy.

“How the kitten got on a very busy six lane highway, with barrier walls… I don’t know. How no one stopped to help her. I don’t know. But I’m honored she allowed me to bring her to safety”.

Since the kitty was quite sick and starving, Kelley continued on and picked up Mia, the cat from the shelter with a shattered pelvis.

The two cats are now in the very best hands and on their way to recovery. It’s been three weeks since Kelley rescued Dave and Mia, but both are actually doing much better and healing from their injuries.

“[Dave’s] eyes have cleared up and she plays all the time. She’s a very happy kitten. Her next step… finding a forever home”.