A Brother and Sister Kittens Are Finally Together

When kittens are born, it’s not very unusual for them to be separated at birth. A mother can reject one or more or leave some behind when moving to a safer spot. The likelihood of separated kittens from the same litter to be put together again is pretty low. However, every once in a while, the Universe will make amazing things happen.

A woman named Sophie from England recently adopted a cute brown tabby. She named it Lola and loved spending every minute with her. The kitten was energetic and very lovely, but there was something missing from her life. Sophie always wondered what that would be, but could never learn what it is.

It seems that fate itself had the answer.

A Friend for Life

Sophie started looking for a friend for Lola the moment she took her home. The kitten was pure energy and could really benefit from having a friend beside her. Sophie immediately started looking for another kitty to adopt, and came across an add for a singleton waiting for a new home.

She arranged a meeting with the tabby, and as fate would have it, they clicked right away. The kitten called Poppy was a perfect match for Lola’s energy. Little did Sophie know that he was Lola’s long-lost brother and the last kitten from the same litter!

It didn’t take long for the two kittens to get along. It’s like Lola knew Poppy right away. The moment Sophie brought him home, they started playing together. They spent the whole day playing together and fell asleep cuddling each other in the evening.

Sophie says that the two kittens are inseparable every day. She’s happy that the Universe put these souls together, just like they should have been from the beginning.