A Cat with Her Neck Taped is Saved by Rescuers and Given a Well-Deserved Second Chance at Life

Every day we’re shocked to see pics of inhumane acts people do on animals. Some simply leave them to die on the streets, others do worse. Take this cat from California, for example. It was thrown on the street with a tape roll on her neck, in need of obvious cat. The poor cat was meowing faintly and clearly had no strength. Luckily, some people spotted it on the street, immediately getting in touch with Animal Rescue.

A Lucky Break

The cat was clearly afraid of humans, so it took a while before he was caught. They first laid a trap with the cat hidden under a car. The rescuers waited for an hour, but eventually decided it was better to catch the cat with a net. It was a success after a long fight and then he was off to the vet.

With the use of sedatives, the tape roll was removed. It was obviously there for a while – the neck underneath was a mess. The cat was in a bad shape and needed a lot of meds, and to make things worse, it was dehydrated and emaciated.

After a brief surgery, it was put to rest overnight. The next day the cat was feeling better and was obviously grateful for the help. It was named Valentine as it was saved on Valentine’s Day. A few weeks later, Valentine was moved to a foster home where his character started to change for the better.

It seems that the cat was in need of love and attention, and he received it every day from his foster parents. He now even has a Facebook page where his mom and dad post regular updates.

Take a look at his happy ending story below: