A Council Worker Adopts Kitten Saved from a Skip in Galashiels Earlier This Year

Earlier this year, council driver Willie Hay spotted a litter of kittens at a waste processing plant in Galashiels. He knew that if he left them there and then they wouldn’t survive for long. The council worker took the kittens to the Scottish SPCA, where they were nursed back to health.

Mr. Hay kept in touch with the organization over the progress of the kitten. He was compelled to adopt one and waited for news from the organization patiently. Considering the journey they’d been on from the first day, it was a miracle the kittens survived. Mr. Hay was glad that they pulled through, and when he received news they were OK, he decided to adopt one.

He named his kitten Tango, and as soon as he brought it home, he grew quite attached to him. Scottish SPCA officer Sarah Gregory was glad that the male kitten found a loving home. As she puts it, not all poor kitties find a home once brought in, but Tango had some luck.

It’s always amazing when stories like this have a happy ending. We’re glad that there are still people with a big heart in his cold world, and wish Tango and Mr. Hay the best.