A Daredevil Cat Survives a Fall from a Burning Building Defying All the Laws of Nature

You know how they say curiosity killed the cat? Unfortunately, curiosity killed many cats as many have fallen off buildings while inspecting god knows what. Some kitties panic and jump off buildings in cases of fire, and more often than not, those jumps are simply too high for anyone to survive. However, a recent peculiar case from Chicago saw a cat surviving a jump from the fifth floor or a burning building, defying the laws of physics and nature.

A Daring Leap of Faith

The cat’s jump was caught on camera from the Chicago Fire Department who responded to a call for a burning building. It started on the fifth floor where the cat lived, and the poor kitty panicked and jumped from a broken window.

Nearby onlookers gaped when the cat fell on a grass patch nearby. Everyone thought it was dead, but surprisingly, the cat fell onto its paws and survived! It walked away immediately, hiding under a car.

Once the Fire Department posted the video, it went viral right away. Luckily, there was no damage or casualties reported in the fire which broke out in the apartment the cat lived in. We’re glad the cat survived that horrifying fall too, and hope that her owner finds her soon as she’s still missing.

If this isn’t proof that cats have 9 lives, we don’t know what is.