A Feral Cat Turns to a Kind-Hearted Cutie Once Saved by Rescuers

Take a look at the picture below. It shows, Mr. Belvedere, a once-feral cat that lived on the street for 10 years. No one could believe that the cat will find a home until a kind-hearted woman saved him. Lindsay Raturi saved Mr. B from the streets, even knowing he was feral and that it would take a lot of work to fix him.

Raturi wanted to take the cat home and contacted a rescue organization. They set traps together, but every day he managed to bypass it. One day, he entered the trap and was inside the cage. Raturi checked the traps every day and was surprised to see him inside. As soon as the cat fell to the trap, she began searching for a new forever home for him. She fostered the cat until then and wanted to find him a loving home.

She brought him to her apartment and just let him get comfortable. It took a while, but Mr. Belvedere showed a side of him no one knew. He was a sweet kitty-cat that’s found the best loving home, and luckily for everyone, she managed to catch the whole story on video.

Take a look at it below: