A “Glass-Eyed” Kitten Walks to a Woman’s Porch for Help and She Couldn’t Refuse It

How did you cat win you over? For many people, it’s all about the eyes (they truly never lie). Even a black cat with huge sparkly eyes can get the attention of people who hate cats. It’s kind of a black magic no one can explain as one woman learned only recently.

The kitten on the pictures is named Porg. He was abandoned in a box on a porch by a veterinarian by one of his clients (insane!). Inside the box was Porg, a tiny, scrawny kitten with bad injuries and a big wound on his neck. Luckily, he was stitched up properly at another vet.

Porg’s new owner examined the kitten fully in the morning. Despite the tiny size, he was a very active and feisty cat. He needed care, though, and a special diet to get him stronger. The veterinarian couldn’t resist helping Porg and brought it home with her. In just a few days, he became part of the family.

While he was odd-looking compared to other cats, Porg didn’t care. He was in excellent physical shape and although fragile, he loved playing all day around with his new mom. Why was he named Porg? Well, Star Wars fans will certainly find similarities between the kitten and the cute Porgs in the latest trilogy (who definitely needed more screen time!).

While scratching him behind his ears one day, the vet noticed that his skin was bleeding. After a quick test, it confirmed her fears – Porg had Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It’s a condition that pretty much means fragile skin and requires therapy. Due to his fragile state, the vet named him “The Glass Kitty”.

To protect his skin, Porg must wear clothes. He looks cute in them all, though, so it’s not a problem. That, combined with his huge glassy kitty eyes, makes him a unique cat we can’t stop looking at.