A Literal Cat Burglar Steals Clothes from Next Door Neighbor and Doesn’t Regret a Thing

You know how the term cat burglar came to be? It came from cats’ ability to move like ninjas in the dark and get what they want. Of course, not all cats are successful in this line of work, but 10-year old Bella from Vancouver certainly is.

Owned by a guy named Shawn Bell, Bella is living her best life in Vancouver. When we say best life, we mean a double one. A domestic cat during the day and a cat burglar overnight. So far, police have nothing on her, but evidence against her is mounting up.

Stealing from the Neighbor

It all began when Shawn found a pair of socks he doesn’t own one morning in the living room. He thought they were an old pair and tossed them in the trash. However, the next day there was a new pair. Then the next day it was a T-shirt, followed by a child’s painting. It was clear that Bella is stealing things from neighbors and bringing them home to Shawn as trophies.

After a while, everyone was aware of Bella’s “habit”. Shawn’s neighbors continued hanging clothes in the yard, and Bella continued what she does best. Of course, Shawn returns them right away and they all have a laugh.

However, he feels compelled to tell the police, or at least get her into some kind of program. It’s obvious the kitty needs help. If it isn’t for Shawn, she would establish a criminal empire with all the stolen stuff!