A Litter of Cats Left Outside with Note that Says “Understand Before You Judge”

Many cats and other animals are abandoned outside every day, and it breaks all of our hearts. However, some pet owners are more responsible. Recently, a box of cats was left outside in front of a store with a sign that said “Understand before you judge”.

The Pet Valu staff were pretty surprised to see a box on their footsteps at College Park Lane. The crate was covered with a blanket, and when they pulled it, they were surprised to see a litter of kittens. Unlike abandoned cats, these kittens were not abandoned – they were cared for.

There was a notebook paper that explained why the litter was left outside. It started with: “Understand before you judge”. Of course, the letter explained everything in detail. The owner was suffering from huge family tragedies. His son needed a lot of care after suffering a car accident. His aunt died from cancer. The cat owned spent his savings for the funeral, and just didn’t have the money or energy to care for them anymore.

Luckily, he also didn’t have the heart to just throw them out on the street. He left them in front of the store along with the last $30 he had for food.

The cats were left at the right location and received all the care they needed. They will soon be put up for adoption and will hopefully find loving families where they’ll spend the rest of their lives happy.