A New Tenant Finds a Letter from Previous Owners, Decides to Follow the Advice

Moving homes can be tedious and demanding. However, it’s necessary for some. Sometimes, the previous owners can make the task a lot less challenging by leaving something behind on purpose. Don’t worry – this isn’t a story about soiled pants behind the wardrobe. It’s a good and cute story.

A 23-year old girl from Washington named Miranda recently had to find a new home. After searching for ads online, she finally found the perfect condo. However, she was surprised to find that the owners left her a note about something they left behind on purpose. It was the welcome of her dreams.

A Pleasant Surprise

A few days ago, the surprised Miranda posted a set of pictures online that would quickly become viral. After moving into her new home, she found a note from the previous owners. It welcomed her to the condo and detailed something the previous owners left behind. It was a 12-year old cat who lived there, but not as a pet. As it turns out, the cat is a stray who can get out when he wants to and come back home later.

Miranda and he boyfriend laughed at first until they heard the cat’s meow on the front door. They gladly accepted the remaining tenant, allowing him all the freedom he enjoyed before.

Check the pics below for the full story.

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