A Panther Baby Rejected by his Mother is Now Growing Up with a Rottweiler

Luna the panther was born in a zoo in Russia last year. Surprisingly, she was the single kitten from the litter to be rejected by her mom. Leaving her without milk and care, it was clear that Luna wouldn’t survive for long. The good news is that the zoo came forward with this information, and a woman decided to help.

Previous Experience with Big Cats

The woman had plenty of experience in raising big cats that didn’t have a mom. She knew exactly what Luna needed and asked to buy her from the zoo. They obliged and the woman took the poor black kitty home where Luna met her new best bud, a rottweiler named Venza. The kitty and dog needed a few days to grow familiar, but after some time, they become best buds.

In the beginning, Luna needed a special diet to grow fast. She was lacking several nutrients as she wasn’t receiving milk from her mother. The woman fed her on a special formula and the tiny panther was doing great after a while. It didn’t take long for Luna to adapt to Venza and her new home.

Venza and Luna are always on an adventure together. They’ve spent months as best friends now, and their owner launched a YouTube and TikTok channel where you can see what they’re up to every day.

It’s safe to say that the woman saved Luna’s life. If it wasn’t for her and Venza, Luna would have been long gone.