A Rescued Kitten is Found a New Home, but His Adoptive Momma Cat Doesn’t Want to Let It Go

Not long ago, Reddit user Todontblink shared a heartwarming story of a rescued kitten. The poor baby was stuck by fear in the middle of a road, crying for help as loudly as it could. Cars were passing him by but no one stopped. Todontblink saw him and couldn’t drive by. He took the kitten back with him at home, initially planning to be his foster dad for a while.

The kitten was rightfully frightened the first day at home, but he eventually started to relax. Todontblink has a cat and two dogs back home, and in just a few days, the kitten warmed up to them.

It surely helped that his orange tabby took the kitten under its wing. She acted like his momma would and cuddled with the kitten all day long. However, eventually, the day for adoption came.

When it did, the cat did something extraordinary. It didn’t want to let go of her kitten. She loves him like one of her own, and Todontblink didn’t have the heart to separate them. He decided to adopt the kitty and now they live a great life together.

His home was the sweet spot the kitten obviously needed, and we’re happy that this story had a happy end.