A Shy Kitten Found Hiding in Bushes on a Street Turns Brave After Meeting the Right People

We read way too many stories about abandoned kittens on the street every day. Their stories don’t always have a happy ending, but this one does. Recently, people found a black kitten hiding in the bushes on Montreal’s streets and helped it overcome its shyness with plenty of love and care.

The kitten was probably stuck in the bushes when a Montreal resident heard its faint cries. She followed the sound in her garden and to her surprise, she found a tiny black kitten. It was scared and shy, so it was a bit of a tussle to get it. The woman waited for a day for the mother to come, but she was nowhere to be found. She used a humane trap with some food to get the kitten who, at that point, was in the bushes for a couple of days. The poor guy needed all the help he could get.

After managing to save the kitten, she took it to the Chatons Orphelins Montreal center. It was given a check-up and some food, and the staff named the kitten Puff. He was immediately taken to one of the staff’s foster homes so he could socialize and get ready for adoption.

The cat needed just a few days to come out of his shell. He was very vocal and playful and blossomed into a big love and cuddle bug. Puff has an adventurous side too, always looking for hiding spots in his new home.

We love the fact that he was saved by a kind person and that he’s found a forever home. We hope that he never stops playing and enjoys life to the fullest.