A Stray Kitten Follows a Stranger and Begs To Be Adopted

Jason Belisha, a man from Georgia, recently shared a heartbreaking story with a happy end. He met a stray kitten on a street like we all do, but this one was different. Stray kittens are usually scared, but this one followed Jason to a parking lot and literally begged to be adopted.

The poor kitty had enough of life outside and wanted a warm and loving home. It followed Jason as he was returning a rental car. According to him, the little critter popped up out of nowhere, crying for help as loud as he can. He couldn’t take it home at first, and just avoided it. However, the kitten was persistent and followed him, and he couldn’t say no.

He picked the poor kitty up and gave it pets, then put him in a car and drove home. On the way there, it curled up in his arms and fell asleep. He says it’s one of the cutest things he’s seen. When they got home, he gave it a bad, fed his belly, and named him Popeye. Jason already had a corgi at home and was scared how he might react. Luckily, everything went fine.

In just a few weeks, the two pets became best friends. Jason says that Popeye is an amazing cat that follows him everywhere. We’re glad that people like him exist and can give strays a loving home like they deserve.