Abandoned Cat Becomes a Web Celebrity After Being Rescued. Which Outfit You Like the Most? We’re Team Samurai

Have you ever come across Brenson the cat while scouring the Internet for cat memes? The cute kitty could have never imagined the life he has now. Just a few years ago, Benson was an abandoned cat living on the streets of Dubai. His owner left him behind when he moved, but luckily, a family from USA saved the poor fellow.

As soon as he moved in with his new family, Benson got the attention he so much deserved. He found a new life as an Internet personality that surprises his followers with quirky outfits.

A New Instagram Hit

Benson became popular on Instagram when his family started dressing him in new outfits all the time. The cute pics are shared with the Internet all the time, and many of them reach thousands of likes. He’s one of the biggest cat personalities on IG, and a glance at the pics will show you why.

So far, Benson has been dressed as a samurai, a fashionista, and in many other attires. They all fit him perfectly well, you must agree. We’re happy that his tale has a happy ending, and hope to see Benson in fresh and cute little outfits soon enough.