Abandoned Kitten Found in a Park Finds New Family and Love

A lone kitten, abandoned in a basket at a local park, finds a loving home with a feline mom and her litter. This touching story highlights the resilience of animals and the kind-hearted souls working towards their welfare.

kitten in basket

The Miracle of Lucy’s Litter

A heavily pregnant cat named Lucy was recently taken in by Animal Control. Just before being brought to a local rescue, she gave birth to six kittens. “She’s so sweet she had to have been a pet. She was filthy, so she must have been outside,” expressed Aimee from Be Their Voice Animal Rescue.

days old kitten

Lucy’s arrival at her foster home saw her bonding immediately with her caregiver, Aimee. In spite of initially struggling with feeding her hungry litter, Lucy soon regained strength with proper care and quality nutrition. Before long, her kittens — affectionately named Pigpen, Linus, Charlie, Patty, Woodstock, and Snoopy — enjoyed their mother’s nourishment.

calico cat

But Lucy’s motherhood journey had one more twist in store.

A New Addition to Lucy’s Family

Two days later, news came in about a helpless kitten found abandoned in a basket at a park. This little one, barely a week old, needed round-the-clock care. Without hesitation, the rescue team introduced the kitten to Lucy in hopes she would accept him.

cat mom with 6 kittens

Lucy’s maternal instincts kicked in immediately. She lovingly cleaned and nursed the baby kitten, who was named Rerun after the youngest Peanuts character. Being the youngest and smallest, Rerun faced challenges in competing for his share of milk. However, with Aimee’s support in bottle-feeding and Lucy’s unwavering love, Rerun found his place in this new family.

cat feeding kitten

“We’ll be co-parenting this little one,” Aimee stated, noticing how Rerun recognized the bottle. “I’m so curious about his backstory. Despite being just palm-sized, Rerun is vibrant and ready to face life with his new family.”

happy cat family


Rerun’s story is a testament to the compassionate hearts out there, both human and feline. With a loving cat family and a dedicated caregiver, he’s set for a life filled with warmth and cuddles.