Abandoned Kittens Are Forced to Huddle Together to Stay Warm

Every now and then, the Internet has a heartbreaking story about kittens or pups who must do incredible things to survive. In today’s such story, a litter of kittens abandoned outside are forced to cuddle together to stay warm. The poor guys were cold and starving and if rescuers didn’t hear their cries, they wouldn’t have survived.

The good news is that the kittens understood that they need to work as a group in order to stay warm in the cold weather. They were saved by a group of rescuers and immediately rushed to the vet.

After a quick check up and some warming, the kittens were given food and water. They were very hungry but all of them pulled through. They’re now growing stronger together and will soon be put up for adoption. Take a look at the video to see how the poor kittens were saved below.

It’s heartwarming so just what we all need on these cold days.