Adorable Four-Eared, One-Eyed Rescue Kitten Finds Joy in His Forever Home

Frankie the Remarkable Four-Eared Cat

Meet Frankie, affectionately known as Frankenkitten, a feline like no other, born with an extraordinary feature – four ears. Found beneath a house alongside his sibling, Frankie’s unique traits immediately captured the hearts of those who found him.

Georgi Anderson, Frankie’s devoted caregiver, recounts his early days: “Born to a feral mother, Frankie was discovered under a suburban home, one of the surviving kittens of what might have been a larger litter.”

Despite his endearing appearance, Frankie faced significant challenges from the start. With a pronounced overbite giving his face a distinctive angular look, he has more than just his four ears catching the eye. Tragically, one of Frankie’s eyes ruptured and was removed to save his life. His hind legs, too, pose a challenge, as his knees are improperly aligned, causing a splay-legged gait.

Overcoming the Odds

Georgi Anderson, who also worked at the animal shelter, opened her home and heart to Frankie. “While recovering from his eye surgery at my place, it wasn’t just his appearance that endeared him to me; it was his sweet nature,” she reflects.

Frankie’s inner spirit shone through, overshadowing the physical obstacles he faced. Despite his condition, which includes the impact on his hearing and sight, Frankie has adapted remarkably well. His unique front ears slightly affect his directional hearing, functioning as “little earmuffs.”

His daily life, although marked by his conditions, is not void of joy. Frankie enjoys playful antics with his sibling Lucius Malfoy, and despite his limitations, his playful spirit remains unhampered. “Frankie’s routine involves choosing cozy spots for naps and engaging in playful bouts each morning,” Georgi shares.

A Heart as Big as His Personality

Frankie’s resilience is as evident as his playful, affectionate nature. His diet may be restricted to dry food due to difficulty grasping wet food, but he manages skillfully with his adapted technique. His cheekiness is matched by his sweetness, allowing him to charm his way into the forgiving hearts of his human companions.

His lack of street smarts, however, suggests that Frankie is best suited to the safety of indoors. Despite this, his loving nature has a soothing effect on those around him, especially after a tough day, showcasing a canine-like loyalty.

Frankie’s story is a testament to the beauty that lies within. His bond with his human family is a heartwarming reminder of the unwavering love and adaptability of animals, regardless of their physical differences. Frankie lives a fulfilling life, full of affection and mischief, proving that indeed, everything is likely to turn out just fine.