After 2 Long Weeks of Bottle Feeding This Little Guy, He’s Now Fat, Happy and my New Best Friend

There were many sleepless nights after they rescued a baby kitten whose eyes hadn’t yet opened. They named him simply, little Gatsby.

“After 2 long weeks of bottle feeding this little guy, he’s now fat, happy and my new best friend,” the rescuer wrote via reddit.

“I found this kitten in the yard all alone,” they said. “The mom left this one when she moved the nest it was left in the open in my yard and I watched a cat come up to it and then walk away, assuming it was the mom.”

With a lot of love, Gatsby is thriving in the home of his new family.

“Little Gatsby is very content after some milk and a warm belly rub.”

The round of clock care began the night they found him.

He was so very tiny! They brought blankets to him to keep him warm.

One of their dogs also came by to help, too.

Then another family dog came to visit the kitty while he was taking a nap in his human’s shirt.

After days of feeding and caring, this cute wee one was nursed back to health.

From the beginning he loved to have his belly rubbed.

One month later, he is a very happy lapcat!