Amazing Cat Stories That Are Almost Unbelievable

Everyone knows that cats are amazing. They might be mysterious and might come off as a bit cold, but in reality, they are amazing pets. Many cats have done remarkable things from adopting bunnies to playing the piano and chasing a bear. Below you’ll find the most incredible stories involving cats that we’ve ever heard.

Cat Adopts Bunnies – for Real

Missy is a grey/white cat who once gave birth to two kittens. Unfortunately, they were a bit sickly and died short after birth. Missy was sad and looked for her kittens everywhere in her home. She even looked for them in a nearby field she visited every day. She didn’t find her kittens, but found four baby bunnies and brought them back home.

She groomed them and cared for them every day like they were her own. She even tried feeding them, but had no milk. Of course, they weren’t kittens, so Missy’s owners returned them to their nest in the field. Missy never tried getting them back, but it was incredible that she adopted them for a while when she lost her own kittens.

Brave House Cat Fights Black Bear

Here’s one amazing cat story that also involves a bear (not kidding!). A cat from New Jersey in 2006 fought off a black bear who came into her territory. The bear was terrified of the cat, who was declawed to make things even more surprising. It was so scared that the owner took his watchcat inside to let the poor bear escape.

Nora the Piano-Playing Cat

Nora the Piano Cat is a gray tabby who was rescued by a kind lady from the streets of Camden, NJ. She gained international fame when she was filmed playing the piano and posted on Youtube. It went viral, of course, as it’s not every day that you see a cat playing the piano. Shortly later, she returned for a ‘sequel’ which was just as popular as the first one.