An Adorable Kitty Turns Crude Guy into a Cat Fan

There are cat fans and dog fans in this world. Cat fans have the Internet as their base, sharing posts about their cute furballs all the time. Heart-breaking and heart-warming cat stories are also shared on the Internet just like the one we have today.

Some people are not fans of cats. They consider them cold and lifeless, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We’ve seen many people being turned into a cat fan as soon as they take a kitty in their hands. This is just the latest in a string of such stories.

Cats Can Touch a Human’s Heart

Cats have a way of reaching deep in our hearts. If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know how great they can be. Sure, they might not be as lovable as some dogs, but they express love in a unique way. Once you get a cat, you’ll be a fan for life.

You know how tough people don’t have pets and usually say they’d rather get a dog than a cat? Well, this is a story that things don’t turn out like they always want. A guy named Mark recently shared such a story online, saying he was a tough opponent to cats until he met one up close. All it took to break his tough guy shell was a one-month old kitty named Mat.

Mark’s wife, Julia Joaquin, was a huge fan of animals, especially squirrels. She also had a dog named Lily she adopted a decade ago who loved hanging out with each squirrel Julia brought home to nurse back to health. Unfortunately, Lily passed away in 2020 and left a big hole in their life.

A year later while on a walk, Mark and Julia spotted a defenseless kitty in a wood area close to their home. It was as big as a phone, and Julia knew she couldn’t leave it outside. They brought it home, gave him some water and food, and let it rest. From the first moment, Mark formed a strong bond with the kitten, even if he wasn’t a cat person before.

In just a few weeks, Mat the cat started sleeping with them in the bedroom. He got healthy and was quite playful, just like any other kitten his age. In the months to follow, he became part of the family, loving life every day and playing with his dad Mark.

It is proof that cats have a special power that can weaken the heart of the toughest men. Just ask Mark – he has enough proof.