An Uncomfortable Facial Mark is the Reason Why a Rescue Cat Can’t Find a Home

Many animals, including cats, are born with unusual, weird markings on their furs. Sometimes, these markings are so cute that they play a large role in the adoption process. Other times, not so much. Take Daisy the cat, for example. She has a pretty uncomfortable mark on her fur which hinders her adoption process.

Daisy is a 9-year old ragdoll cat that’s just as sweet as any other. She looks perfect on paper for most adopters, but all of them have been put off so far by her phallus-looking fur mark. On the head. This, according to the staff of the shelter she’s in, is the reason why Daisy can’t find a loving home.

But what can you do? As soon as Daisy was posted online, her post went viral. She’s had many potential adopters, but they’ve all decided against it, citing the fur mark as the main reason. Despite the mark, she’s a very loving kitty and we hope that she finds the home she deserves soon.