Billie Blue the Grumpy Cat Has Never Known Love Until She Was Adopted

Cats are known for being cold and standoffish. We rarely see cats who are cute and cuddly all the time, and those are properly recorded on video. However, some cats are cute and cuddly despite their cold and angry appearance.

Billy Blue is the perfect example of that. The cat may look grumpy, but privately, she’s one cuddly kitty. The 10-year old spent most of her life living in a metalworks factory in Bali until she was rescued by Mission Pawsible and later adopted by a loving couple.

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

On the outside, nothing looks calm about Billie Blue. She looks angry all the time and her appearance can be considered a bit scary. However, things are different under the façade.

When she was found, Billie was sprayed with paint and looked pretty bad. The cat was in dire need of help, so the rescuers immediately got in touch with Mission Pawsible. She was taken to a vet and bathed, and in the end, the staff named her Billie Blue.

The vet check-up revealed that the cat is full of parasites. They shaved her fur off so she can heal, and according to the doctors, she probably had dwarfism. Billie Blue had a tough life for a decade, but she’ll now spend her remaining years in a lovely home.

We hope that her retirement will be full of joy to the likes she’s never seen. She may be grumpy on the outside, but Billie Blue is quite cuddly and cute and deserves all the love and attention she can get.