Blind Kitten Hugs her New Dad Non-Stop After Being Adopted

Some cats never get to find a loving home. Others have more luck, and some are outright grateful for it. That’s certainly been the case of a blind kitty found in Cape Town, South Africa, that was found on the street last year.

She was a sole kitten brought in by an animal rescue organization. They think her mom was killed and the poor blind kitty was left alone. Despite the obvious disadvantage, June the kitten behaves like any other cat. Her blindness doesn’t stop her from running at full speed around her new home.

After spending several months with her foster mom Holly, June was adopted by a kind owner. The sweet kitty’s story was posted on the organization’s Facebook page and received plenty of likes.

June’s post was seen by Andrew Duff who decided to get the kitty right away. He called up and went to the shelter and was immediately drawn to June.

And what did she do? She hugged her new dad right away. June was obviously grateful to find a new loving home. We just hope all kittens left on the street have the same fate.