Bobby Flay Devastated by the Passing of His Cherished Cat, Nacho

Celebrating the Life of Nacho: Bobby Flay’s Cherished Feline Companion

Cats indeed play a pivotal role in enriching our lives and becoming integral members of our family. The world-renowned culinary expert, Bobby Flay, is no stranger to this sentiment, having introduced his treasured cat, Nacho, to his fans worldwide via social media platforms.

The Star Cat of Social Media

Nacho, a charming orange Maine Coon, not only captured the adoration of Flay’s followers but also achieved his own fame with a dedicated Instagram presence. This furry celebrity graced Flay’s online platforms as often as the chef’s culinary creations, making him a familiar face to the fanbase.


The inception of ‘Made by Nacho’, a premium cat food line curated by Flay, was inspired by his desire to cater to the dietary needs and well-being of cats everywhere. Nacho played a crucial role in this endeavor, embodying the spirit of the brand. Beyond his public engagements and contributions to the world of feline nutrition, Nacho cherished his moments of tranquility, snuggling beside his owner.

His ninth birthday on October 3 was celebrated in style, receiving a heartwarming birthday tribute from his sister, Stella—a testament to how pampered and loved he truly was.

A Legacy Left Behind

The typically reserved Bobby Flay took to Instagram with a heavy heart to announce the peaceful passing of Nacho. In his touching message, Flay expressed a sentiment familiar to many pet owners—that Nacho, in his unique way, belonged to everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him, either personally or virtually. Flay reflected on Nacho’s enchanting aura and the profound impact he had on his life. “Nacho arrived at a time when I needed him the most, infusing my home with one joyous moment after another,” Flay reminisced.

This extraordinary bond not only provided solace to Flay but also ignited the inspiration behind ‘Made by Nacho’, ensuring that Nacho’s influence would nourish cats globally and his legacy would endure.

As Flay grieves with his other beloved cats, Stella and Canelo, it’s clear that Nacho’s absence leaves a void in many hearts. In a poignant farewell, Flay encouraged his fans to embrace their pets with extra love and to offer a prayer in memory of Nacho. His message underscores the profound connection we share with our pets and the indelible mark they leave on our lives.