California Firefighter Rescued A Kitty From Wildfire And Now She Won’t Leave His Side

America’s deadliest wildfire which took place in Paradise, California left a fatal trail of destruction and heartbreak but not just of human life losses. Animal lovers all across California banded together in order to save thousands of animals who were threatened by wildfires raging across the state.

This particular wildfire was deemed to be the most destructive in California’s history. Ryan Coleman who is a firefighter – gained an unexpected new friend while fighting the raging fires in Paradise, California in November of last year.

As Ryan was searching throughout what was left of the town, a gorgeous fluffy grey cat came running up to him. Coleman was probably the very first person this poor cat had seen since the terrifying fire started. Somehow, the cat just knew that Ryan would keep her safe. Thankfully, though, the cat survived the terrifying fire and was not influenced by the heat like so many of the other poor animals. This huge fluffy cat seemed quite eager to greet Ryan so he was very quick to pull out his phone and captured some very adorable moments.

The cat became instant best friends with Ryan and didn’t let Ryan go anywhere without her. The cat absolutely loves to ride on the firefighter’s strong shoulders, where he could press her head against his face and rubbing back and forth over his stubbly beard.