Cat Amuses the World in Viral Tik Tok Videos, Refusing to Let Its Owners Make Their Bed

Cats can be very silly sometimes. They can also be dramatic about what they don’t like. For example, if they don’t like you to clean the house, you won’t be able to clean – it’s as simple as that. If you need more proof about it, check out the @neontacocat profile on Tik Tok. This crazy cat doesn’t like it when its owners make their bed in the morning, and is pretty serious about stopping them.

The cat in question is named Albus Dumblepaw, so it’s obvious that the owner is a big Harry Potter fan. Whenever he tries to make up the bed, Albus turns crazy, sticking his fur and paws up and making it his territory. The cat truly looks and sounds crazy, but this crazy behavior has made it a viral sensation with over 5 million views on the video network.

Hilarious Video

Everyone loved how the cat gets territorial on the bed. He’s even growling, but according to the owner, it’s the normal part of living with Albus. To his surprise, there were other cat owners who have seen the same behavior with their cats.

Do they want us to be lazy? We may never know the answer, but Albus looks really mad at his owner when he’s making his bed, so that may very well be the case.

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