Cat and Meerkat Become Best Buddies for Life, and the Internet Loves It

We’ve seen more than a few unlikely friendships online. Cats can befriend mice, dogs can befriend cats, and sometimes, we’ve seen domesticated and wild animals get along too. We have that kind of a story today, where a cat and meerkat have become best buds for life.

Hailing from Sankt Petersburg, Russia, these two animals live in Ekaterina Kuraeva’s home. According to their owner, they’ve been keeping the friendship going for 6 years. Nice the cat was 2 when he met Surya the meerkat, and they instantly feel in love. Day by day their bond grew stronger, and they now live in perfect harmony.

As you can see on the pics, the two are inseparable. They run around and snuggle all day long, and they have an Instagram profile with thousands of followers. Their owner Ekaterina says that they never grow bored of each other. She’s happy that her pets became friends, and we couldn’t be happier two.

Visit their Instagram page for more cute pics of the unlikely buddy duo.