Cat Didn’t Like His Mom Until He Realised She Was Pregnant

Lisa had her Maine Coon cat for 3 years and never once has he shown his human mom affection, he had always been daddy’s cat. Meet Max!

He followed his dad everywhere and would cuddle up to him and nap on his chest.

Max didn’t show Lisa any affection in the least until at some point she noticed a change in his behavior, perhaps Max had noticed something different about Lisa.

He had began to beg for her attention by meowing at her loudly. After a couple of days and Lisa’s attempts to approach the feline, Max got super on the brink of her.

Then things got more peculiar when Max began to snuggle together with her when she slept.

He began by sleeping by her legs then moved on to sleeping on her stomach.

By this point Lisa knew something was up so she took a test and discovered she was pregnant.

Now Max is usually by her side and can meow for Lisa if she’s not around. It’s as if he’s trying to protect her belly and keep the baby inside safe and warm in the least times.