If You Own a Cat, You Will Surely Relate to One of these Cat Gag Comics Inspired by a Cat Called Tiger

Internet, meet Nate Fakes. He’s an LA cartoonist and writer that owns a cat called Tiger. Tiger has been a massive inspiration to Nate and has helped him through some harsh times. He says that Tiger encourages him to do many things and is the main reason why he creates cat gag comics every day that usually go viral.

Nate’s comics have been pretty successful that he’s collected them in a book. To make matters even better, the book has been praised by Jim Davis, Garfield’s creator himself! Nate credits all the work to Tiger, but we admire his talents. If you’re a cat fan who relates to his pet in many ways, you’re going to love the following comics that have helped Nate make his name on the web.

#1 Cat Dreams

#2 When realization hits..

#3 Hairless Beach

#4 “Back in my day, we didn’t have fancy toy, we just had hair ties.”

#5 Cats are just babies on the inside..

#6 The making of funny cat videos.

#7 “I just want the best computer to sit on.”

#8 0 days without an accident.

#9 It’s called electrocution..

#10 “When they hear the opener, they’ll go wild.”