Cat Goes Too Close to Baby’s Comfort Zone and the Video Goes Viral

Cats love doing all kinds of crazy things, and know nothing about personal space. Need proof? Take a look at this video. It was filmed by the baby’s parents, showing the cat get too close to comfort, although without any harm.

The cat can’t seem to hide the satisfaction with the family’s new member. It’s further proof that cats aren’t that indifferent or cold. They can show a lot of affection around babies, and this video will show you exactly that.

As you can see, the cat loves her little human. The baby loves her too. Its parents say that this happens all the time, and they’re not even a bit concerned about her hurting the baby. They’re just the best buds from the moment they laid eyes on each other, and we love it.

Want a heartwarming video that will make your day? Check it out below: