A Very Cuddly Cat is Abandoned by His Family 4 Times

The kitty you can see on the pictures below is called James Bean. His cute name totally suits his character of a lovable and cuddly kitty. While he now has a family he loves, life wasn’t always great for James Bean.

You see, after his adoption from a shelter, the was returned 4 times. That’s not a typo – the family who took him in returned him 4 times simply because he was “too demanding”. Why anyone would do that is beyond us, but that’s the life James Bean had.

Luckily for him, the tides changed.

A New Loving Home

After a long time waiting, the shelter finally found James Bean a new home. This time, it was a forever home. He was adopted by people who loved him and didn’t consider him too demanding at all. As a matter of fact, they love his personality and love spending time with Mr. James Bean every day.

His new dad fell in love with him the moment he was adopted. You would think that the cat will suffer from separation anxiety after being returned 4 times to the shelter, but James Bean is a perfectly loving cat. He quickly built a trust bond with his new family and especially with the dad.

After having such a rough start to his life, James Bean is finally where he belongs. It’s a perfect example that there’s a home for every kitty on Earth, even if it takes some time.

We’re certainly happy for James Bean and wish him all the best.