Cat Missing for Days Comes Back Home and Rings the Doorbell

Imagine losing your cat for some time, only for it to return home by ringing the doorbell? That’s exactly what happened to a family in Long Island, when their 8-year old cat Lily came back home after going missing for days.

Cat Missing for Days Comes Back Home and Rings the Doorbell

Lily usually left the home, but always came back the same day. This time, something was different. The family was worried after she didn’t return home by night, and even after searching the whole neighborhood, she was nowhere to be found. It felt like forever, but Lily eventually found her way back home in 4 days.

She did it in the most impossible way – by ringing the doorbell. Imagine the family’s surprise when they opened the door curious to see who it is and learning it was their days-lost cat. Lily obviously learned to ring the doorbell in the time spent outside, and needless to say, they were all shocked and happy.

We don’t really know how she learned that, considering that cats are not into technology. But, we’re glad that Lily came back home, although we hope she doesn’t play with that doorbell all the time. It would be annoying, wouldn’t it?

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