Cat Raises Four Baby Squirrels Alongside New Kittens!

This is truly amazing! In Crimea, a cat by the name of Pusha has “adopted” four orphaned baby squirrels and is raising them as her own alongside her new kittens. According to the staff at Crimea’s Bakhchisaray Miniature Park, where the unconventional family currently lives, the squirrels were initially afraid of their feline foster-mother.

The keeper of Miniature Park of Bakhchisaray, whose name is Olga Fadeeva, explained that it took some time for the animals to get used to one another. The baby squirrels are currently feeding, playing and sleeping happily in their new-found home.

Looking after four squirrels and four kittens can actually be quite a burden for Pusha, who isn’t able to produce enough milk to feed all her children. However, no one will go hungry, as Fadeeva and her colleagues look after those who are late to the meal by feeding goat’s milk to all of them in tiny bottles.

Just wait until you see this cute family together with your own eyes! Prepare to be amazed! Enjoy!