Cat Saved at 18 Years of Age Turns 20 and Going Strong

It’s not very often that we see people wanting to adopt older cats. Even a young cat that’s only a few years old is a no-no for most. That’s what’s surprising in this story. A couple of years ago, a man rescued an 18-year old cat from a public shelter, and despite the opinion of others regarding longevity, the cat just celebrated her 20th birthday.

The cute cat was given to the shelter as his previous owner couldn’t care about him anymore. It quickly won over the hearts of the staff. While in his senior years, the cat was cuddly and very playful, but not even that could have made anyone believe it’ll ever get adopted. They thought he’d spend his last days in the shelter, although they tried to find a new home for him.

And lo and behold, the cat found a new dad indeed. Tim Adams fell in love with the cat and was fascinated by his story. He went to see Sammy and it was love at first sight. They bonded right then and there and are living a great life together in Tim’s home.

Sammy is not very vocal, but he loves cuddling with his dad. He sits on his lap all the time and loves relaxing. He’s patient, gentle, and affectionate, and even if no one believed it, he celebrated his 20th birthday this summer. Way to go, Sammy. Here’s to celebrating more!