Cat ‘Snags’ a Baby Bouncer and Doesn’t Know why the Baby Is Bent on Using It

Cats are certainly curious creatures. You know how the saying goes – curiosity sometimes really kills the cat. They often love to explore uncharted territories, not really caring if their owners like that or not. The cat you can see in the picture does that precisely. Named Flynn, he recently realized that his mom is pregnant. As soon as he realized that, he became all protective and extra cuddly with her.

When the baby finally arrived, she couldn’t wait to see Flynn’s reaction. The cat fell in love with baby Rory right away. He loves watching Rory play (or get out of the room when he cries) and loves playing with his toys too. He especially loves the baby bouncer that mom bought for Rory.

More specifically, he thinks that it was bought for him. Flynn loves nothing more than to jump in and sit in the comfy bed every morning, not realizing why Rory likes to sit inside.

Whenever his mom wants to put the baby in, Flynn is already inside. He’s not really bothered by the baby – he likes to sit in the comfy chair. Thankfully, the cat likes the baby, so they can be seen cuddling all day long.

What a cute duo!